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Analysis and Forecast of the Chinese Agrochemical Market in 2016
Source:China Crop Protection Industry Association  author: Yang Yijun
  date: 2016-08-01  

I. Agrochemical prices are expected to continue to fall in a wavy line
In the first half of the year, the majority of agrochemicals saw a fall in prices, only less than 10 varieties saw a rise and the prices of six varieties were basically flat. Among the star products last year, glufosinate-ammonium prices dropped by half; paraquat AS, which exited the Chinese market, saw a fall by as much as 25% in prices, and even the price-fall-resisting dicamba had an accumulated fall of 15%. ....

II. Herbicides will be still the wind vane of the agrochemical industry but are unlike to rise in the short term
According to the forecast of relevant institution, the demand of the Chinese herbicide market in the first half of the year will decrease by around 5% year on year and the prices will drop by about 10%. Moreover, there are no forces that can drive the market up in the second half of the year and both the volume and price of the market will still go down....

III. Insecticides are at a disadvantaged position; the demand tends to grow later In 2016 H1, the total demand of insecticides in the Chinese market decreased slightly. Currently the Chinese insecticide industry is in a disadvantaged position. After the quotation of abamectin series technical was raised, restricted by the low end replenishment demand, the market price is slightly raised.....