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New Regulations on the Control of Agricultural Chemicals Officially Issued
Source:China Crop Protection Industry Association  author: Ellie Xu
  date: 2017-04-07  

The new Regulations on the Control of Agricultural Chemicals were officially issued on April 1 and will be implemented since June 1, 2017. The new Regulations will further strengthen the management of agricultural chemicals and provide a solid legal basis for guaranteeing the quality and safety of agricultural products and promoting the building of resource-saving, environment-friendly modern agriculture.

The Regulations have cancelled temporary registration with a relatively low threshold and specified that the agricultural chemicals that are produced in China and are exported to China must be registered; the Regulations have also stated the requirements on production behaviors such as purchase of raw materials, product quality control and consigned processing and subpackaging, and that agricultural chemical manufacturers shall be responsible to the safety and effectiveness of the agricultural chemicals they produce. The Regulations also require manufacturers to adopt traceable electronic information code management on products to ensure the whole production process is traceable and the product quality is controlled.


To increase the severity of punishment for illegal acts, the Regulations have laid out stricter legal responsibilities: where the Agricultural Department and its staff fail to fulfill their supervision and administration duties according to law, they will be punished and even be prosecuted for their criminal liability according to law. The Regulations have also centralized the agricultural chemical production management responsibilities that were originally held by several departments to the Agricultural Department.

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