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About us

About us
Source:China Crop Protection Industry Association  author: Leah Lee
  date: 2013-08-12  

China pesticide industry network (http://www.ccpia.com.cn) belonging to the Beijing the middle peasants into Management Consulting Co. ltd.. The mission to provide timely, effective, credible industry policies and regulations, hot news, supply and demand information, advisory services, data analysis etc.. With a Centre Association ", two basic points" for criterion, adhere to the service member as the center, insist on serving the government, to convey the government decision-making, interpretation of government regulations; adhere to the enterprise service, transfer enterprise voice, promote the development of the industry.

The most efficient information service: to convey the most authoritative policies and regulations, provide the latest industry information, to carry out energy-saving emission reduction call, the timely publication of conference and exhibition service, at any time to focus on industry technology innovation;

Industry most authoritative data: timely industry product information and price information;