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Glyphosate price declined by $117 per tonne
Source:China Crop Protection Industry Association  author: Cong Lv
  date: 2014-08-02  

According to CCPIA monthly bulletin of statistics of China pesticides, in June, volume weighted average price of glyphosate technical declined by $117 than that of May. During the past three months, glyphosate price was going down continuously. In June, output of glyphosate technical in China dipped significantly by 28% MoM. It’s estimated that the glyphosate scrutiny played an important role in the output declining. Meanwhile sales volume also fell by 5% than that of May.
On Aug 1st, Shenghua Biok (hereafter referred as the company) announced that the company planned to transfer the original holding 51% shares of Biok Kaipu to the company’s controlling shareholder, Shenghua Group. Biok Kaipu’s main business is on glyphosate (PMIDA) production. The transfer revealed the management layer’s will of dealing with the remaining assets. And this move also means that glyphosate production capacity without environmental protection began to quit the market in China.