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Abamectin price kept on increasing since the beginning of 2014
Source:China Crop Protection Industry Association  author: Cong Lv
  date: 2014-05-28  

According to CCPIA Monthly Bulletin of Statistics of China Pesticides, VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) of abamectin TC has been increasing since the beginning of 2014. Till Apr, the price increased by 14.4% than that of Jan, and 3.5% MoM. There were ten manufacturers operating in April, same as that of Mar, output of abamectin TC in Apr kept same level with that of Mar, however sales volume fell down by 17.5%.

According to the data from CCPIA, price of abamectin TC didnt change a lot during 2013, while when it came into 2014, the market has been performing very well. What cause the boom market of abamectin? The government issued several policies on food security and environmental protection during the past few months. Such policies made the market of bio-pesticide become stronger than before in China. As one of the bio-pesiticides, abamectin also benefited from the relevant policies.