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Prohibition of paraquat AS will be carried out soon, whats new in the paraquat industry?
Source:China Crop Protection Industry Association  author: Cong Lv
  date: 2014-04-23  

According to CCPIA Monthly bulletin of Statisitics of China pesticides, in Mar, VWAP of paraquat increased by more than $1900 than that of Feb. There were eight manufacturers operating in Mar, one more than that of Feb. Output of paraquat basically didnt change, while sales volume up by more than 20% MoM.

Seeing from the industry, paraquat is one of the hottest products in China. In 2013, Shandong LUBA and Nanjing Redsun both registered for their new formulations successfully, however as the deadline of paraquat AS comes closer and closer, there is no news about new formulations industrilization. During the past one year, price of paraquat nearly doubled, since the new formulations production cost will be no doubt higher than that of AS, will the mad price increasing be the prelude of the new formulations launching? Please keep stunned on the Monthly bulletin of Statisitics of China pesticides.