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First Chinese company obtained full registration of cyprodinil technical
Source:China Crop Protection Industry Association  author: Ellie Xu
  date: 2016-01-05  
Chinese agrochemical company Jiangsu Fengdeng Crop Science recently has approved full registration of 98% cyprodinil from ICAMA(Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals,MOA) , which  makes it the first Chinese company to register cyprodinil technical in China. Multinational Syngenta has formerly obtained 98% cyprodinil technical. The formulated products registered include 50% WDG and 30% SC, mainly used on controlling grape grey mould and rice blast.
Cyprodinil was originally developed by Novartis(now Syngenta), with commercial name Chorus、Stereo、Switch、Vangard、UNIX, etc around world. The active ingredient has protection and cure effect, which could penetrate through leaf or absorbed via root. Cyprodinil is normally used as foliar sprayer or seed treatment against grey mould, powdery mildew, and scab in various kinds of crops. Cyprodinil has obtained registration in Chile, UK, USA, Brail, etc., with sales of $ 180 million in 2013. 
Jiangsu Fengdeng is for now the largest manufacture of triazoles in China. To broaden its product portfolio, considering the wide application and promising market of cyprodinil, plus no cross resistance with existing product, the company decided to develop and register Cyprodinil technical product.(source:AgroPages)