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Research Report on China Contract F&P Industry
Source:China Crop Protection Industry Association  author: Cong Lv
  date: 2014-02-17  

With years of development, China pesticide industry has already formed an integrate system that includes R&D, TC manufacturing, and F&P. Especially in recent years, along with the upward trend of TC market in China, F&P industry has been driven up, too. Some contract F&P enterprises in China have become more and more professional, which built up a bond between them and multinational corporations, contact F&P industry is indeed emerging.




What’s the current contract F&P situation in China?


How’s the ranking in the contract F&P industry?


What’s the companies’ experience on cooperating with multinational corporations?


What’s the basic situation of the companies?


In the report, you’ll find the most detailed answers.


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