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Ministry of Agriculture: Develop 1,000 New Standards on Pesticide Residues in 2017
Source:China Crop Protection Industry Association  author: Ellie Xu
  date: 2017-03-27  

The Agricultural Product Quality and Safety Supervision Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture has recently issued the Notice on Focuses of Agricultural Product Quality and Safety Work in 2017.
According to the Notice, the agricultural product quality and safety work in 2017 will start with eight major work focuses which contain a total of 24 smaller work. The eight major aspects are: vigorously promoting standard agricultural production, strengthening law enforcement and supervision in all aspects, putting forth effort to enhance monitoring and evaluation work, continuing to deepen the building of model counties of quality and safety, accelerating the construction of the traceability system, strengthening emergency handling, improving the regulatory system and constantly improving supervision systems and mechanisms.
Among the 24 work focuses, there are four directly related to the pesticide industry:
1. Accelerate formulation and amendment of standards. Implement the Work Plan for Accelerating in Improving the Pesticide Residue Standard System (2015-2020) and formulate 1,000 new standards on pesticide residues. Support local governments in strengthening standards integration and transformation and formulating manufacturing and operation procedures matching national standards and industry standards.
2. Strengthen daily supervision and inspection. Guide manufacturers and operators to use pesticides reasonably, urge them to implement regulations on limited and restricted use of pesticides and withdrawal time and production record systems and put forth efforts to solve the standard exceeding problem of pesticide and veterinary drug residues.
3. Deepen anti-fake actions of agricultural means of production. Carry out anti-fake actions of agricultural means of production in spring and autumn, especially in countryside markets of agricultural means of production, internet and main producing areas of fruits, vegetables and tea, crack down on illegal and criminal acts such as manufacturing and selling fake agricultural means of production, make public a batch of typical cases and adopt deterrence.
4. Steadily implement risk monitoring.
 Organize and carry out routine monitoring (risk monitoring) and monitor five major categories of products, totaling 110 varieties, on 94 parameters in 150 large and medium-sized cities nationwide. Strengthen the announcement and release work of monitoring results and urge the cities with serious problems to increase efforts in correction, enforcement and investigation.