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Regulations on Pesticide Administration (Revised Draft) Finally Adopted at the Executive Meeting of the State Council
Source:China Crop Protection Industry Association  author: Ellie XU
  date: 2017-03-27  

The Regulations on Pesticide Administration (Revised Draft), which was recently adopted at the Executive Meeting of the State Council, focus on the quality and safety assurance of agricultural products:

First, strengthen whole process management. Centralize and put the pesticide production management responsibilities that are originally shared by different departments under the agriculture department, solve problems of repeated supervision and blind spots in supervision, implement the license system in pesticide production and operation, encourage the reduction of pesticide usage and strengthen the supervision of highly toxic, high concentration pesticides.

     Second, make it clear that manufacturers and operators shall be responsible to the safety and effectiveness of the pesticides they manufacture or operate and shall recall pesticides with severe hazard or big risks timely.

Third, increase punishments for illegal acts such as manufacturing and selling fake or inferior pesticides by increasing the limit of fines, including such manufacturers or sellers in the “blacklist”, etc.

The newly issued Regulations on Pesticide Administration have made major revisions on pesticide management system, registration system, production management system, operation management system, definition of fake and inferior pesticides, use and recycle of pesticides and punishments for illegal acts.