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CCPIA did a Great Thing through the APEC Platform
Source:China Crop Protection Industry Association  author: Cong Lv
  date: 2014-11-28  

On the night of November 10, 2014, the Awarding of Professional Engagement Ceremony (APEC) of China Crop Protection Industry Association (CCPIA) announced the formal establishment of the Expert Team of CCPIA Pesticide Engineering and Technology Research Center. On November 12, the expert team set out for Jiangsu and now has already begun the expert diagnosis and promotion activities in the fields of pesticide F&P technologies in the following two enterprises: Jiangsu Essence Group and Jiangsu Huifeng Joint-Stock.



Jiangsu Huifeng Joint-Stock is one of the few listed pesticide manufacturers in China. The production center of the company is based in Dafeng, Jiangsu. Currently, the company has already invested around 200 million yuan in the production of pesticide formulations. The engineered production level of the company tops the list in China.


Three in one & on-the-spot service



The expert team, headed by Mr. Peter Southgate, combined experts on equipment, formulations and engineering into one group. On the principle of “on-the-spot” service, the expert team made it further into the production line of the factory and made detailed inspection on the formulation types, production equipment and engineering approaches. The expert team solved the problems in production efficiently and provided specific solutions to production lines which need large-scale rectifications.


Pass on methods and standardize the operation to increase the production efficiency



Over exchanges with the production workers in the workshops, the expert team made a detailed study of the overall production processes of the pesticides. The study is so detailed that it even includes the content and order of each production step as well as the time and labor spent on each production operation. The expert team ultimately drew a detailed diagram and made reasonable adjustments to the production time in order to improve production efficiency and product quality. For part of the production processes which lack data, the expert team proposes that record of corresponding standard operations should be done and plans to continue to follow up later. The expert team pointed out that record of standardized operation procedures can help dig deep into the “superficial production problems”, find the crux of the problems and make rectifications. Therefore, the significance of the expert diagnosis lies not only in "providing solutions", but more importantly in "teaching them how to solve the problems". The experts hope that a virtuous cycle could be formed in which the workers could put the methods into the production practice, and ultimately "identify, analyze and solve problems" themselves. The establishment of such a virtuous cycle is the purpose of the expert diagnosis and promotion activity.